About Us

Our Origin

Beetroot jewelry started out as a small local brand in Ontario that grew into a multifaceted family business. The brand was founded in an entrepreneurial venture by an inspired mother of four with the goal of establishing herself in the overlapping worlds of culture, art and fashion that finds a home in jewelry. The need to prove oneself is rooted within each of us, but it is a potent force that exists within women of colour that translates itself into an ability to tap into current trends and design unique and artistic jewelry pieces that speak to others.


About us

Our brand offers the highest grade of jewelry craftsmanship at affordable prices that provide a channel for self-expression for men and women. The innate human instinct to imprint ourselves in the world around us finds its outlet in our ability to personalize and engrave our jewelry pieces for you. Personalized engraving creates a link between self-expression and adornment that enables wearers to tell their own story and add meaning in their gifts to loved ones.