Jewelry Care Instructions

Our jewelry is made with materials of the highest quality to ensure that we are creating long lasting and timeless pieces for our customers. Beetroot jewelry can be worn in any conditions and does not fade, tarnish, or rust. We also provide a two-year warranty to ensure long term customer satisfaction. However, we recommend some important steps to ensure that your accessories remain in the best possible condition!

For All Jewelry Items

It is a good idea to keep your jewelry out of the shower and away from perfumes, lotions, oils, or chemical products. You can store your jewelry pieces individually in the accompanied Brj pouch or any other type of soft bag, when not in use. 

 18k Gold Plated Jewelry

 In order to revive dull gold-plated jewelry, place the jewelry item in a mix of warm water and a small amount of dish soap for a few minutes. Gently rinse off the item with a soft cloth to remove any left-over debris.

 Sterling Silver

 Gently buff your sterling silver jewelry items with a soft cloth to remove any dust or residue. If necessary, you can use silver polish to thoroughly clean your jewelry item.